Pickles is a living ecosystem. After many experiments over an extended period of time, Spruitje found the right combination of plants and moss to create a world of self-sufficient raw nature. The moss and the condense form the basis and keep the ecosystem stable. Because every piece of work is unique, it’s important to create a personal bond with the biotope.

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The ecosystem of Pickles lives in a jar that was formerly used for pickles. You turn the lid to open it, the way you would open a pot. Very simple. Because it's a world of living nature, Pickles keeps on changing. Sometimes you'll see more condense than other times, it's possible that a plant dies, mushrooms suddenly sprout up or other intriguing developments occur. It's a living organism that does whatever it wants to.
The condense is part of the design. To be more precise, it actually enables the work to be self-sufficient. It works a little as rain does in nature, and will therefore differ in intensity. Sometimes you'll see more condense than other times. Ideally the humidity in the ecosystem should be above 40%. The moss, which forms the basis of the little world, works best with this percentage. The moss is preferably dark green. A guideline to ensure the biotope is moist, is to water it every 2 to 3 months with 50 to 100 ml of decalcified water. Descaling can be done simply by boiling water without a lid. Of course you'll need to cool it properly. The easiest way to water it is by using a spray bottle. That way you can also clean the glass. Another way to clean the inside of the glass is with a bottle brush.
After a few weeks you'll realise that the ecosystem is leading its own life. Plants can suddenly grow very quickly (or not at all), you'll discover a little mushroom, the moss will change colour... Don't worry if a plant dies, as this also happens in nature and is part of the cycle. On Spruitje.nu you can order new plants if you'd like to. You can trim dead plants, or plants that are getting too big.
The light in the design is purely aesthetic. It's a LED-light that doesn't give off a lot of warmth and therefore doesn't influence the ecosystem. If the light breaks, replace it with an identical (LED)light. Pickles can't handle direct sunlight, because it'll get too warm. Bright, indirect sunlight does ensure a good balance in the ecosystem, so a light room is advised.
- Alleen voor gebruik binnenshuis.
- Alleen geschikt voor E27 LED- lampen met een vermogen van maximaal 5 Watt.
- Verwijder de stekker uit de wandcontactdoos voordat u de LED- lamp verwisselt.
- Verwijder de stekker altijd uit de wandcontactdoos voor het verzorgen van de planten.
- Verwijder het kapje met de fitting altijd volledig voor het verzorgen van de planten, het elektrisch deel mag niet nat worden.
- Zet de verlichting op een stabiele vlakke ondergrond.
Height 37CM
Diameter 15CM